We make products that turn messy data into valuable information

We work with economists, statisticians and data managers to help them to improve their business operations using data science techniques and machine learning.

Our products


Used by thousands of people every day to instantly convert their PDFs into Excel files.

PDFTables uses artificial intelligence techniques and highly scalable infrastructure to deliver high-speed conversions.

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Our original, pioneering product — an online Python and R data analysis environment.

QuickCode is perfect for numerically-literate economists, statisticians and data managers who are new to coding.

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Built for the ONS to wrangle a mountain of spreadsheets into clean, data tables.

DataBaker helps users code recipes that turn tricky Excel spreadsheets into normalised, time series data.

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Makes safe-to-publish tables of information from large confidential data in a snap.

TableBuilder's speed, based on new hardware options, allows interactions with survey data as if it were open data.

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Who we work with

About us

The Sensible Code Company was founded in 2010 with a vision of a world where everyone can easily make full use of data.

We’re based in the UK with customers in the US and Europe, in finance, government and media.

Our products help customers introduce automation into everyday business processes by applying modern technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We work best with customers who have an appetite for innovation.

Every month 50,000 new customers visit and upload a document to PDFTables.com. DataBaker allows customers like the Office For National Statistics to transform human readable spreadsheets in machine readable format through the simple and effective use of Jupyter and Pandas. TableBuilder permits high speed data analysis and dissemination of large complex confidential data by applying tested 'disclosure control' methods. QuickCode is the original ScraperWiki product.

We’ve had funding rounds from Enterprise Ventures, Channel 4 and the Knight Foundation. We are pioneers in data journalism, having started out building open data platform ScraperWiki. That is now the core technology behind QuickCode.

We’re passionate about research, working with universities across Europe on natural language processing and transport.

We've received a number of awards for our work including a Guardian MEGAS award for Digital Innovation and a Gigaom Structure Data Award for an innovative Twitter scraping tool.

Management team

Aidan McGuire

Aidan McGuire

Chief Executive Officer

Aidan founded The Sensible Code Company with Dr Julian Todd and raised Seed and series A funding. He worked for Mizhuo Bank in London in his early career, later starting technology company Blue Fountain Systems, a main investor in The Sensible Code Company.

He has recently been appointed as Product Manager for the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), an OpenData platform hosted by UNOCHA which shares humanitarian data. Aidan is active in a number of charities and a keen cyclist. BA (Trinity, Dublin).

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Aine McGuire

Aine McGuire

Head of Business Development

Aine began her career selling HP computers and software to large enterprise customers in the finance, pharmaceutical and mining sectors.

She created Pygmalion, Microsoft’s first UK Gold Certified Partner and developed business relationships with the City of London’s top 20 leading financial institutions. BBS (Trinity, Dublin).

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Dr Julian Todd

Dr Julian Todd

Head of Technology

10 years of computational geometry for machine tool software at NC Graphics, followed by 4 years’ part time web scraping and parsing UK Parliament transcripts for TheyWorkForYou.com at mySociety whilst developing a new generation of geometric software for HSMWorks, now part of Autodesk.

Julian is one of the founders of The Sensible Code Company. BA Pure Mathematics (Cambridge), PhD Vector Algebra (Bristol).

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Jane Silber

Jane Silber

Chair of the Board

Board Director and Former CEO of Canonical. World-class business person bringing global experience with Ubuntu, open source software, and high growth companies.

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Contact us

Call +44 151 331 5200 or email hello@sensiblecode.io.

1 Canada Square
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