Net zero emissions goal

The Sensible Code Company's carbon reduction plan

The Sensible Code Company is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Completed carbon reduction initiatives

Low carbon office location

We've chosen to locate at Ormeau Baths, a technology innovation hub, in Belfast. Ormeau Baths is an 1850s retrofitted building repurposed as a low carbon office facility. As the building has no car parking, staff using the office travel there by walking, cycling or using public transport.

We've been working from home since 2018

We implemented a full-time remote working policy for company personnel in 2018. 90% of staff work from home full-time. Staff meetings occur every quarter: we find a location that minimises staff travel and favour slow travel options where feasible.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We published our carbon reduction plan in 2021 for the first time.

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Belfast Office

The Sensible Code Company
Ormeau Baths
18 Ormeau Avenue
County Antrim

Registered Office

The Sensible Code Company
City Chartered Accountants
Fifth Floor
Linen Hall
162-168 Regent Street